Carbon Steel Shims

Low Carbon Steel Shims / Rings - Slotted, Multiple slots, ID / OD with Bolt Holes Carbon Steel Shim - A36 Hot Rolled with Slot Mild Steel Shims - Slotted, Custom OD profile, Bolt Holes Carbon Steel Shims - Bolt Hole with countersink Laminated Steel Shims

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Common Carbon Steel Grades for Shim Applications

Low Carbon Cold Rolled Steel: 1008/1010/1018
Medium Carbon Cold Rolled Steel: 1040-1050
High Carbon Cold Rolled Steel: 1074/1075, 1095
Hot Rolled Steel: A36
Alloy Steel: 4130, 4140
High Strength Low Alloy Steel: A572, A588

Carbon Steel Laminated Shims

Thickness of shims made from laminated carbon steel shim stock can be adjusted in the peeling off one layer of lamination a time. Following description of the aluminum laminated shim stock material is based on AMS-DTL-22499 (formerly MIL-S-22499). Other specifications include BOEING BACS40- series, BELL 120- series, LOCKHEED/BOEING 5PTC series, VOUGHT NORTHROP GRUMMAN GS and CVC series.

Material (Composition 4):
carbon steel conforming to QQ-S-698 / ASTM A568, tempered or annealed condition.

Type 1 - All Laminations
Type 2
- One-half Solid Stock
Type 3
- Three-fourths Solid Stock

Class 1 - .002" Laminations
Class 2
- .003" Laminations

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