Copper and Brass Shims

Brass Shims

American Metals stock many thicknesses of the standard grades of brass material, please contact us for a custom quote of your brass shim requirements.

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Common Grades of Brass for Shim Applications

70/30 Cartridge Brass, CDA-26000 is the most readily available and commonly used copper alloy. In electrical applications its cost / strength / conductivitiy ratio often provides an effective solution to demanding volume applications. As a decorative material its warm yellow color when polished creates a pleasing finish desired by hardware and lighting manufacturers.

Guilding Brass, CDA-21000 is most commonly known for its resistance to corrosion. Often used in coin tokens and key blanks where corrosion is a key factor. The alloy also lends itself to deep drawing such as bullet jackets and electrical applications where formability and conductivity are required.

85/15 Red Brass, CDA-23000 is an alloy used in numerous decorative applications where a golden red hue is desirable. Also useful as a lower strength electrical connector due to its 37% electrical conductivity.

Copper alloy Strip, CDA-26800 is a very cost effective copper alloy most commonly found in European automotive connector applications. It's physical and mechanical properties are very similar to alloy Ca260 with lower yield strength for more formability.

Brass Laminated Shims




Thickness of shims made from laminated stainless steel shim stock can be adjusted in the peeling off one layer of lamination a time. Following description of the aluminum laminated shim stock material is based on AMS-DTL-22499. Other specifications include BOEING BACS40- series, BELL 120- series, LOCKHEED/BOEING 5PTC series, VOUGHT NORTHROP GRUMMAN GS and CVC series.


Material (Composition 2):
Brass conforming to QQ-B-613, Composition 2, Temper 1/4 hard or harder

Type 1 - All Laminations
Type 2
- One-half Solid Stock
Type 3
- Three-fourths Solid Stock

Class 1 - .002" Laminations
Class 2
- .003" Laminations

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