Shaft Hog Laser Alignment Tool

Fast, Easy and Precise Laser Shaft Alignment tool at A Price for Everyone!

Introducing the Shaft Hog, the first shaft alignment tool priced under $4,300 USD, bringing precision laser alignment to every facility with rotating equipment.

The system is based on traditional dial indicator methods. The Shaft Hog, however, applies advanced laser technology to eliminate:

  • Cumbersome bracket set-up
  • Bracket sag
  • Dial inaccuracies
  • Complex math calculation

Real-time, Live Values On-Screen At All Times Guide You through The Alignment Process.

The Shaft Hog alignment tool displays live values right on-screen that show the user exactly where the machine to be aligned is sitting relative to perfect alignment. The user isn't required to perform complicated calculations. Instead, you spend your time performing precision alignment, not remembering equations or complicated routines.

Shaft Hog uses dual laser transmitter/detector units that display measurement results with a resolution of 0.0001 inches! The extreme accuracy of laser alignment achieved with Shaft Hog leads to direct cost savings.

Complete Alignment Solution Right Out Of the Box

The Shaft Hog shaft alignment tool comes with all the hardware and tools you need to begin doing alignments as soon as you open the carrying case. Anodized aluminum chain brackets fit a wide range of shaft diameters. The chains can be easily extended to accommodate virtually any shaft.

The user-friendly display unit is operated by just four buttons (plus the on/off button). Figures, numbers and logical symbols on the easy to read LCD screen guide the user towards a perfect alignment. There are no complicated menus to learn, minimizing training requirements.

The Shaft Hog shaft alignment tool has been designed to let you concentrate your skill and effort on performing precision alignments, not on figuring out how to use the instrument.

Technical Data

Price: $4,295.00 EA



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Studies have shown that more than 50% of all excessive machinery vibration is caused by misalignment. Excessive vibration causes energy loss, bearing failures, and unexpected repairs. Precision alignment is proven to deliver significant savings in electricity, machine repair and downtime.

As the infrared images reveal, the difference in the operating temperature of precisely aligned equipment (top photo) and unaligned equipment (bottom photo) is readily apparent.